Food Security

Our Vision

The new Institute for Global Food Security will play a leading role in making sure that the world’s growing population has a sustainable, safe and secure supply of high quality food.

As population growth accelerates, the pressure on global supplies of food and water has become acute. Billions of people now depend on science and technology to ensure that what they eat is safe.

In 2006 Queen’s established the UK’s first Institute of Agri-Food and Land Use. Under the leadership of world authority, Professor Chris Elliott, it has quickly become recognised for its excellence in food safety. The evolution of this agri-food research centre into the Institute for Global Food Security is recognition of the leading role Queen’s must play in ensuring that our local agri-food industry continues to be competitive, as the global market grows, delivering a safe and secure food supply to all consumers.

The Institute will spearhead the development of innovative solutions in sustainable food production, addressing issues such as feed and food contamination caused by the complexities of the global food supply chain and climate change. Queen’s is already an important part of a global network on food safety and provides a dynamic environment of teaching excellence and research leadership. Help us make a real impact on global food security by supporting new graduate degree programmes, dedicated facilities and top-ranked staff.

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