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The Global Challenges event will take place over two days in April, Friday 23 April & Saturday 24 April. The event will last for 3-4 hours on each day, during which students will have the chance to participate in dynamic learning sessions, workshops and competitions.

Day 1 – Exploring Global Challenges

During day 1, you will be introduced to Queen’s University and will explore the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the four pathway areas: AI, Climate Change, Global Health and Migration and Refugees. You’ll have the chance to pick your preferred pathway/challenge and will take part in an interactive online challenge to win the pathway prize!

Day 2 – Responding to Global Challenges

On day 2, we will announce the winners of the global challenges competitions! You will also have the opportunity to join one of our skills workshops and think about how you can respond to the Global Challenges we discussed in day 1. You will join a workshop led by an expert facilitator who will introduce you to one of the following areas: creativity, design thinking, leadership or research and misinformation.

Friday 23 April


Activity and Duration

15:30 BST
10:30 EDT
7:30 PDT

Welcome and Orientation
  • Why are we here? Who cares?
  • Opening Keynote

16:00 BST
11:00 EDT
8:00 PDT

Global Challenges & United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (25mins)
  • What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals – and why should you care about them?!
  • What’s your chosen global challenge?

16:30 BST
11:30 EDT
8:30 PDT


Global Challenge Intro Sessions (30mins)

Get an overview from our experts of each of the challenges facing our world today.

  • AI – Who Cares?
  • Climate Change – Who Cares?
  • Global Health – Who Cares?
  • Migration and Refugees – Who Cares?

17:00 BST
19:00 EDT
09:00 PDT


Explore related Global Challenge information and get inspired

17:30 BST
12:30 EDT
09:30 PDT

Global Challenge Workshop Activities (1 hr 30mins)

Each student will be assigned to a Global Challenge activity prior to the event. They will join their challenge team/task group. The task will be explained to the students and they will be given 1 hour to work on this.

19:00 BST
14:00 EDT
11:00 PDT

Close Out Day 1 (15mins)

Virtual check-out and polls Find out more about studying in UK/Europe/Ireland with our admissions representatives.

19:15 BST
Event Close

Saturday 24 April

15:30 BST
10:30 EDT
7:30 PDT

Day Two Opening (15 mins)
  • Welcome back
  • Overview of Day Two schedule

15:40 BST
10:40 EDT
7:40 PDT

Global Challenge Workshops: Results Playback (30 mins) 
  • Winners from each Global Challenge Workshop Session Announced by Workshop Session Leads
  • Judging panel announce overall willing team/individual from all workshops
  • Prizes!

16:05 BST
11:05 EDT
8:05 PDT

Overview of Skills Sessions

16:15 BST
11:15 EDT
8:15 PDT


Students can explore drop-in rooms and pre-loaded content and links in the platform

11:30 EDT
8:30 PDT

  • Creativity and Design Thinking
  • Research and Misinformation
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Skills     

17:30 BST
12:30 EDT
9:30 PDT


Explore related Global Challenge information and get inspired

17:45 BST
12:45 EDT
9:45 PDT

Regroup and check-in (15 mins)
  • Feedback poll – what did you learn?

18:00 BST
13:00 EDT
10:00 PDT

Student and Graduate Stories Panel
 (30 mins)
  • Be inspired by our global Alumni and current students working in areas related to Global Challenge Themes
  • Live Q&A

18:30 BST
13:30 EDT
10:30 PDT

Next Steps: Your Study Options (15 mins)
  • Information on Queen’s programmes related to each Global Challenge
  • QUB North America Team available after close-out for admissions queries

18:50 BST
13:50 EDT
10:50 PDT

Event Wrap-up

19:00 BST
14:00 EDT
11:00 PDT

Event Close

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