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Latest News Archive 2008

December 2008
UPCOMING EVENT!! Women Win The Vote – A 90th Birthday Commemoration

Prof. Yvonne Galligan, CAWP Director, is involved in a unique event in the Irish Dail on December 9th. On this day in 1918, Irish women cast their vote for the first time. Past and present female members of the Oireachtas will gather to commemorate this important moment in Ireland’s democratic history. Almost 90 political women, one for each year of women’s franchise, have been contacted to take part in marking this historic occasion. The event will be hosted by independent Senator, Ivana Bacik, and is supported by the Ceann Comhairle, John O’Donoghue, TD. Fact Sheet available.
Photo now available here.

November 2008
The Next Generation Women's Leadership Programme ran September 22-26, 2008 and proved to be our most successful course yet. Not only was the course over-subscribed but it scored a 100% satisfaction rating from the participants. Unsurprisingly the course has generated much outside interest with media pieces in the Belfast Telegraph and most recently the Times Higher Education. Our next programme will run January 26-30, 2009 and we are currently accepting applications. More information can be found here.

October 2008

As part of CAWP's commitments to the RECON project, CAWP's Director Prof. Yvonne Galligan and Senior Research Fellow, Sara Clavero have published a paper entitled, 'Assessing Gender Democracy in the European Union: a Methodological Framework'. An abstract and more information on the RECON project can be found here. Please click on the paper title to read the full text.

CAWP is pleased to announce a talk by Professor Kathleen Knight who is a Senior Lecturer in Political Science at Columbia University in New York. 'Gender Jujitsu: The Media Dilemma over US Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin' will be held on Tuesday 14 October 2008 in The Conference Room, 20 University Square at 4pm. Please click here for poster.

CAWP will be hosting the ECPR Standing Group on Gender and Politics, 1st European Conference on Politics and Gender, 21-23 January 2009. Approximately 300 participants are expected at what will become a bi-annual international conference. More information is available here. Please click for poster.

July 2008
Lesley Abdela has written a thought-provoking piece in the Guardian entitled 'Whare are the women in British politics?' It considers the position of women since in politics since the 1997 election where a record 121 women were elected. To read the article and participate in the commentary and discussion please click here.

June 2008

A new portrait of Professor Elizabeth Meehan has recently been unveiled in the Great Hall at Queen's University. The portrait by John Kindness was commissioned by the School of Law and Institute of Governance, the School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy, the Centre for Advancement of Women in Politics and the Queen's Gender Initiative. Prof Meehan has been a huge supporter of women's rights and the work of CAWP and we congratulate her on this portrait. Details of Prof Meehan's illustrious career and photos of the unveiling can be viewed here.

Our congratulations go to Ms Manjoola Sood who has been elected as Britain's first Asian woman Lord Mayor. It is hoped that Ms Sood's election in Leicester will encourage other minority ethnic women to get involved in politics. Currently less than 1% of all councillors in Britain are women from a minority ethnic background.

In Europe Margot Wallstrom, vice-president of the European Commission and Chair of the Council of Women World Leaders ministerial initiative has launched a campaign to get more women into top jobs in Europe, which are still male dominated. She is concerned that while the Commission tries to ensure that the right geographical balance and the right balance of old and new member states are represented in the posts, gender issues are being sidelined.

May 2008
CAWP are pleased to announce the latest addition to our Occasional Paper Series, an edited series of papers on women and politics by scholars from across the globe. 'Women's Civil and Political Citizenship in the Post-Good Friday Agreement Period in Northern Ireland' by Katherine Side is our 14th paper in the series and is now available to download. For an abstract of this paper, more information on the other papers in our series and details on how to submit a paper for consideration, please click here.

The National Museum of Ireland (Dublin) is hosting a conference entitled 'Irish Women and the Vote: Suffrage and Citizenship' on Saturday 24th May 2008. This conference marks the 90th anniversary of Irish women attaining the vote. It will focus on the Irish suffrage movement and its wider impact on public life in Ireland. Various speakers will look at how the campaign developed both North and South and will explore the achievements, challenges and legacies of the campaign for equal citizenship. The conference will include a small exhibition of artefacts relating to the theme. View conference brochure or draft programme.

As part of CAWP's commitments to the RECON project, CAWP's Director Prof. Yvonne Galligan and Senior Research Fellow, Sara Clavero have published a paper entitled, 'Researching Gender Democracy in the EU: Challenges and Prospects'. An abstract and more information on the RECON project can be found here. Please click on the paper title to read the full text.

Explore the International Museum of Women's newest global online exhibition Women, Power and Politics at www.imow.org. The multi-media exhibition – available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish – brings to life the untold stories of remarkable women claiming and exercising their power to transform the world. From March to December 2008, the exhibition focuses on a provocative new topic each month – such as voting, sex and politics, and the notorious Iron Ladies – and connects women, men and organizations working for the advancement of women worldwide.

April 2008
Following last month's victory for the Socialist Party in Spain's elections, Prime Minister Jose Luis Zapatero has announced his new cabinet which for the first time has more women than men. The 17 strong cabinet is made up of 9 women and 8 men. Women have been given high profile posts including Carme Chacón as Defence Minister and Maria Teresa Fernadez de la Vega as Deputy Prime-Minister. Mr Zapatero, a self-declared feminist, made equal rights a centrepiece of his first term in office, passing a law making it compulsory for electoral lists and even company boards to be composed of at least 40 per cent women. However, it is unlikely that Italy's Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi will follow Zapatero's lead in appointing a parity cabinet. He caused outrage in Spain after suggesting that the cabinet was "too pink". He said, "In my opinion, Zapatero's government is too pink... Nine women!! Well, good luck to him. He will surely have a tough job trying to dominate them. In Italian politics, men prevail. It is hard to find women who are fit to govern" (extract from EL PAIS, 16/4/08).

March 2008
To celebrate International Women's Day 2008, CAWP with the Queen's Gender Initiative organised an exciting event on the Friday 7th March. This began with the screening in QFT of 'The Contender' followed by a discussion about women in politics including Hilary Clinton's bid to be the next Democrat presidential nominee. This was followed by the launch of a new book entitled 'Gender Politics and Democracy in Post-Socialist Europe' authored by CAWP's Director, Yvonne Galligan, our Senior Research Fellow Sara Clavero and Prof Marina Calloni from the State University of Milano-Bicocca. The book was launched by Carmel Hanna MLA. A selection of photos from the launch can be viewed here. Please click here for the full list of events for International Women's Day.

The Postgraduate Women's History Conference, 'Image & Reality: Women in 19th and 20th Century Ireland' will be held in Queen's University, Belfast on 3 - 4 April 2008. For more information including the revised programme, please follow this link.

February 2008
Useful links for short articles and factsheets that provide a gender analysis of the 2008 US Presidential Primaries:
Women's eNews
EMILY's List
The Centre for American Women and Politics, Presidential watch

2008 marks 90 years since the Representation of the People Act gave some women the right to vote. It is also 80 years since women won the right to vote on equal terms as men. To celebrate this and reflect on how far equality has really progressed since, a number of civil society organisations have come together to make 2008 the Year of Women and the Vote. CAWP is an official supporter of this initiative and would encourage you to log onto the website to find out more about upcoming events, the latest research and how you can join in the celebrations and show your support.

Congratulations to the Women's Parliamentary Radio who were nominated for the Hansard Society Democracy Award at the Channel 4 Political Awards. WPR is producing an entirely new media outlet and educational tool, dedicated to understanding the real benefits women have brought to government. WPR reporting connects politics with what is important to women and asks how this relationship might be improved in the future.

January 2008
Our Next Generation Leadership Programme is hitting the headlines!! The success of our programme has been highlighted in the local media. To view a copy of the article that appeared in the Belfast Telegraph on 29 January 2008, please click here. For more information about Next Generation, please follow the link.

As the race heats up between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama to be the Democrat presidential candidate, CAWP are pleased to launch the latest paper in our Occasional Paper Series entitled, 'Gender and Executive Activism: Will the United States Elect a Female President in 2008?'. Written by Prof. Paula Monopoli, this paper deals with the fact that the United States is still a monosexual democracy in many ways and asks if there is any room for women in the American political system.

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