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Tailored Courses and Talks

Members of staff from MCMS are available to give lectures, talks or presentations to groups of all sorts and are happy to travel reasonable distances to do so. The Irish Emigration Database, in particular, often allows talks to be tailored to particular locales or themes. Staff are also delighted to talk about the less familiar aspects of migration history; immigration, internal migration and return migration. In the course of the next three years, as we commemorate 400 years since the official Ulster Plantation, MCMS is particularly keen to engage with this crucial phase of historic immigration.

Members of staff are also willing to provide talks, presentations or more extensive courses in MCMS for groups, particularly groups who may be visiting the Ulster American Folk Park. A 38 bed residential centre on site facilitates extended courses. We are happy to facilitate groups which vary in size from 6 to 100 and across the age and educational spectrum from primary school children to adult learners and senior citizens. We like to believe we can tailor our services to your requirements and would encourage you to contact us in order to discuss ideas and terms.  

Other possible themes for lectures, talks & courses:

1. Using the MCMS Library and Irish Emigration Database
2. Irish Migration since 1600
3. Migration as it relates to your local area
4. Migration and Citizenship

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