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Queen's University launches new online Report and Support system for students

Queen's University Belfast has launched a new system to facilitate the reporting of sexual misconduct, bullying, harassment and hate crime.

The new online system, 'Report and Support', enables students to request support if they have been affected by issues relating to sexual misconduct bullying, harassment or hate crime and offers direct help and instant guidance.

The secure platform, which allows for anonymous reporting, will also include options to allow staff members to make a report on behalf of a student following a disclosure and for students to make a report on behalf of another student.

The official launch of 'Report and Support' took place on Thursday 16 May as part of the University's programme of events for staff and students to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2019.

Joanne Barnes, Head of Disability and Wellbeing, said: "One of the key recommendations from the 2017 Standing Together Report by Queen’s University Belfast Students' Union was the provision of a clear pathway for students to report. The new Report and Support system will enable students to safely report and request support around issues relating to sexual misconduct, bullying, harassment and hate crime, providing them with the necessary information to make informed decisions. The system will also allow the University to track anonymised data and monitor trends in order ensure that we are providing the best support possible."

Queen's University operates a zero tolerance policy in relation to bullying, harassment or sexual misconduct and is committed to providing a safe environment conducive to the academic, social and personal development of all members of the University.

Advice and Guidance for Queen's University staff on managing a disclosure is available online.