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Public Engagement with Research – Staff Consultation

Queen's is currently developing a university-wide Action Plan to bolster the institution's approach to Public Engagement with Research at the University, as Professor Paul Connolly, Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise, explains:

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In my role as interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise, I am currently leading the development of a university-wide Action Plan to support and strengthen our approach to Public Engagement with Research at Queen's.

We want academic and support staff from across the University to be closely involved in shaping this new Action Plan, and with this in mind, I would like to invite you to watch the video we have produced showcasing the impressive range of current activities in this area at Queen's. I would also be grateful if you could complete the related short questionnaire, produced by the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement, to gauge institutional understandings and approaches. Your comments and insights will be invaluable in shaping the Action Plan, which we hope to launch in December of this year. We will also be arranging a number of consultation events through Schools and Directorates across the University and also with external stakeholders in the Autumn.

Queen's has a long and proud history of conducting world-leading research hand-in-hand with partners in industry, public policy, healthcare, the arts and the voluntary sector. It is at the meeting point between academic research and real-world needs that the challenges that societies face can be identified and tackled.

Our new Public Engagement with Research Action Plan will provide the strategic direction for our initiatives in this area over the coming years and seeks to enhance our support for researchers to engage our diverse publics meaningfully and effectively.

I do hope that you will enjoy the video and use the opportunity to share your ideas through the questionnaire. I look forward to working with you in shaping an exciting and ambitious Public Engagement with Research agenda for Queen's.

Professor Paul Connolly
Interim Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and Enterprise

Please note that this consultation will close at 5.00pm on Wednesday 22 August 2018.

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