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Queen’s Architecture Students Bring Animation and Innovation to Urban Village Areas

Architecture students from Queen’s animated the streets of local communities throughout the five Urban Village areas for Street Society 2017.

street society drawing

Through Street Society staff and students from Queen’s University Belfast play an influential role in helping communities in Northern Ireland recover and rebuild after decades of conflict.

Professor Ruth Morrow

Street Society was initiated in 2010 by Professor Ruth Morrow.  It is an annual one-week design event that connects undergraduate and masters architecture students with live projects in the community that benefit client and student groups.

students from th street society programme

Since 2015 its focus has been within NI’s five Urban Villages, helping to tackle social and economic challenges.  The Urban Villages initiative is a headline action within the NI Executive’s “Together: Building a United Community” strategy, overseen by the Executive Office and is designed to improve good relations outcomes and develop thriving places where there has been a history of deprivation, community tension and violence arising from the conflict.