CSIT Membership

To develop the next generation of disruptive secure information technologies, it is becoming increasingly essential for companies and universities/research institutes to come together in research collaboration. This relationship is critical in aligning corporate and research roadmaps and in ensuring effective commercialisation and knowledge transfer.

Firm believers in the 'Open Innovation model CSIT recognise the importance of having appropriate partners to help shape and direct our research agenda. It is to this end that a Membership Model has been constructed and that we have both government stakeholders and industry member companies on the CSIT Board.

Membership of CSIT is currently available at two levels.  You can find a list of our member companies and organisations here:


Academic Collaboration

CSIT has developed national and international academic partnerships to further bolster the research agenda and is heavily engaged in collaborative research and commercialisation projects.

Industry Affiliations

CSIT is also heavily involved in a number of relevant industry organisations including:


Global EPIC logo

CSIT is a founding partner of the global ecosystem of ecosystems partnership in innovation and cybersecurity (Global EPIC). The purpose of Global EPIC is to co-create and adopt world-changing solutions to high-impact cybersecurity challenges, both current and emergent.

Digital catapult Contributor Programme

The Digital Catapult draws on its specialist expertise around trust, data sharing, interoperability and security to make UK innovation happen. By sparking pioneering collaborations and marketplaces and bringing people together, the Digital Catapult takes actions to fix real problems that are either too complex, financially risky, or time intensive for market forces alone to deliver. The Digital Catapult is a neutral, not-­‐for-­‐profit organisation, whose work is always in collaboration with others, with the aim of accelerating economic growth and productivity across a wide range of UK sectors. For more information about the Digital Catapult’s projects and programmes please visit:

The Network Intelligence Alliance

Affiliate logo NIA  

The NI Alliance is an industry organization created for collaboration among the Network Economy’s technology providers and to educate the market on the role and value of Network Intelligence technology. Members are vendors involved in the capture, processing, decoding, analysis, and leveraging of network data; suppliers of Network Intelligence technology components; software vendors; and information providers of solutions, such as cyber security, financial transaction tracking, lawful interception, service assurance, traffic optimization and Web market research. 

Information Security Ireland (ISI) 

Affiliate logo InfoSecurity Ireland  

Infosecurity Ireland promotes Ireland as a natural centre-of-excellence for information security and data governance. It is supported by Enterprise Ireland and has partnerships with technology firms, academia and government. ISI founding members are Daon, NetFort Technologies, Detica NetReveal, PixAlert, VigiTrust, Vordel.