Engineering at CSIT

The Engineering team within CSIT is responsible for bridging the gap between research outputs and commercial exploitation. This requires combining an appreciation of the leading-edge research untertaken by the Academic elements of the University with the market guidance and industry contacts of CSIT's in-house Commercial Team to convert research into viable software and hardware products of acceptable industrial strength. In doing so the Engineering function takes research out of the realm of the potential and into the realm of reality.

CSIT Engineers support multiple areas of research and utilize a wide variety of software and hardware skills to produce Proof of Concept level demonstrators that help encourage take-up by industry or stimulate spin-out company creation. The projects in flight at any one time are wide, varied and rapidly changing, providing opportunities for developing new skillsets and experiencing new technologies. Successful exploitation of research can lead to such outcomes as:


Engineering funnel

"Our vision is to be a global innovation hub for cyber security, this means that CSIT will accelerate new value creation, drive new venture creation and build capacity for the cyber security industry"

In keeping with CSIT's vision our Engineers engage with industry partners to showcase the security products of tomorrow and work with small amd medium-sized enterprises to promote the concept of "baking in" security as early in the product lifecycle as possible.

To accomplish this CSIT Engineers use a wide variety of skills including:

CSIT receives funding from a number of domestic and international governmental and economic stimulation sources (as well as direct engagement with industrial collaborators) and CSIT Engineering is heavily involved with the application for and the project management of this income. CSIT Engineers often work on large-scale applied research projects funded from the European Community and would work on those projects alongside research students and University staff from collaborating countries.

CSIT encourages entrepreneurship within the local and national security industry and CSIT Engineers are key to the operation of the CSIT Labs Programme where CSIT works closely with fledgling companies who have new and innovative concepts to help incubate next-generation security products.