To develop the next generation of disruptive secure information technologies, it is becoming increasingly essential for companies and universities/research institutes to come together in research collaboration. This relationship is critical in aligning corporate and research roadmaps and in ensuring effective commercialisation and knowledge transfer. 

Full membership

Becoming a CSIT Full Member provides a company or organisation with the opportunity to leverage up to £30 million of research and knowledge transfer services, favourable IP exploitation and the ability to influence the direction of the research within the centre. This ensures that there is a strong market pull element to the research activity, thereby increasing the likelihood of successful knowledge transfer.

Associate Membership

Becoming an Associate Member of CSIT provides organisations with access to the broader CSIT membership network, training opportunities, and the chance to share information and opinion with like-minded organisations.

The CSIT Membership programme was reviewed in January 2016. Details of Full and Associate Member Benefits are as follows:

BenefitFull MemberAssociate Member

 One seat on CSIT Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)

The CSIT Industrial Advisory Board meets 4 times per year. In the Board Meeting, each of the research programmes is presented together with activities, progress to date, achievements and future plans. Board members have the opportunity to question and comment, and to help set the priorities for the research programmes. Other topics discussed and governed by the IAB include the adoption of new research programmes, assessment of progress on commercial activities (member engagements, contract research, commercialisation opportunities, marketing and thought leadership) and discussion of funding opportunities.

Yes No

 A license to use CSIT IP for Internal Use within Member organisation

Member companies have the opportunity to take early stage concepts, technologies and research results and install them in internal labs or platforms for assessment and evaluation. This can include internal user trial of the technology, integration to existing member technology, and assessment against market needs.

Yes No

 Preferential access rights to CSIT reports, papers and research output through a dedicated web portal

Research results and pre-published papers are placed within an internal portal to which all the member companies have access, providing an early stage exposure to new thinking and technology developments.

Yes No 

 Ability to influence and direct the CSIT research roadmap

There are many opportunities to influence the CSIT research roadmap. At the strategic level, through the Industrial Advisory Board, the Member companies have the chance to set the broad direction of the research agenda, including the scope of the research programmes. At a more hands-on level, through day-to-day interaction between CSIT researchers and those from Member companies, the direction of the research programmes can be refined on an ongoing basis. 

Yes   No

 Leadership position at World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit

The World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit was launched in Belfast in March 2011 and is now an annual event. The event brings together key research players from industry, academia and government to discuss the challenges of cybersecurity technology and agree the research priorities for the coming year and beyond. CSIT Members will play key roles in the Summit through keynote presentations and facilitation of group discussions.

Yes  No

 Invitation to participate in the CSIT Labs Innovation Advisory Board

CSIT Labs is an incubator programme designed to engineer viable ventures in cyber security. The Innovation Advisory Board will review applications for each programme and help monitor the progress of each cohort as they pass through the programme. 

Yes  No

 Opportunity to contribute and formally link to any active CSIT projects

An active engagement with CSIT will provide Members exposure to the ongoing research programmes and individual PhD research. Formal links and sponsorship of individual projects are welcomed and will enable Members to directly scope and steer individual projects.


Yes No

 Permanent signage at CSIT

The CSIT reception area has permanent signage acknowledging each of our Member companies.

Yes No
 Ability to scope and contribute to undergraduate taught courses Yes No
 Discounted places on CSIT Masters programme and other technical and professional development training courses Yes No
 Initial Press release to announce collaboration and ongoing opportunities for joint PR Yes Yes
 Opportunity to give a technical presentation at CSIT Yes Yes
 Logo and links on CSIT web site Yes Yes
 Free registration for one employee at World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit Yes
 Invitation for two employees to yearly Member Briefing – networking with all Members and Stakeholders – technical deep dive on CSIT activity Yes Yes

 Option to place a researcher at CSIT for 1 year. CSIT will absorb the cost of estates and facilities associated with hosting the visiting researcher at the Institute of Electronics, Communications and Information Technology

As part of our open innovation and collaboration strategy, CSIT offers desk space to Member companies and spin-in companies to enable close co-operation between researchers.

Yes Yes
 Involvement in Undergraduate projects Yes Yes
 Participation in Industry Interest Groups including direct engagement in the local NI Cluster and collaborative engagement with relevant standards bodies Yes Yes

 Access to the wider CSIT Membership network

One of CSIT’s major objectives is to encourage a network of open innovation and collaboration. To that end, we encourage interaction between our Member companies, with CSIT acting as the ‘honest broker’ if required.

Yes Yes
 Access to further paid research options, including:
  • Contract research
  • Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP)
  • Masters or PhD sponsorship
  • Undergraduate fellowship award (may also include summer or gap year placement)
  • PhD or Masters placement at company
  • Joint application to local and regional funding programmes including Invest NI Grant for R&D Programme
  • Collaborative opportunities in European funding programmes including Horizon 2020
Yes Yes
 ANNUAL COST £30,000  £5,000 


Specific collaborative agreements between companies and CSIT are also actively encouraged and will be an integral part of the Centre's strategy.

For further information about becoming a CSIT member, please contact Philip Mills on