CSIT provides hot-housing and incubation facilities to encourage and support the establishment and development of new spin-off and spin-in companies.

Spin-in companies include:-


Seven Technologies 


Seven Technologies Ltd is an engineering company specialising in rugged SCADA type applications. All designs are optimised for operation in inhospitable environments. As a result all products utilise Industrial grade components offering extended temperature ranges and other associated environmental protection.

The company was formed in 2005 and employs highly skilled engineers in electronic, software and mechanical design. In addition the company provides manufacture, test, disposal and training services to all customers.

Seven Technologies Ltd undertakes bespoke design projects to meet the customer’s needs and provide a full consultation process prior to commencement of the task in order to ensure all requirements are identified and captured.


Spin-out companies include:-


Titan IC Systems


Titan IC Systems is a leading technology innovator in the area of regular expression for content processing. It has developed a unique capability offering a flexible, yet high-performance solution for content processing for next-generation high-speed networks.