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CSIT is located within Queen's University's Institute of Electronics Communications and Information Technology (ECIT). ECIT (now 140 people) which opened in 2004 is a specially designed 4000m2 building, located off-campus, that has brought together research specialists in complementary fields of Electronics and Computer Science and has now established extensive global industrial and university research connections and collaborations.

ECIT undertakes much more ambitious, real-world "mission and team orientated" research than is usual in a more conventional university environment. An important role is to work with companies, share longer term industrial and technology road-maps and to engage in "over-the-horizon" research in selected areas demonstrating strong market potential that are aligned with its internationally leading expertise.

ECIT is located in the Northern Ireland Science Park and is its research flagship. ECIT demonstrates Queen's University's commitment to developing research for economic benefit.

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