The Internet has evolved into a global platform, spanning communication, education, health, entertainment and commerce, with a worldwide revenue of over a trillion dollars.
Alongside this, Internet and network security threats have also evolved from relatively harmless virus attacks to cyber-crime and cyber-warfare, instigated by significant financial and political incentives.

The expansion of ubiquitous mobile communication technology and the anonymous nature of the Internet mean that individuals and groups, with a propensity towards criminal, sexually deviant and other unacceptable behavior, can indulge in anti-social activities without any constraints.

These threats impact individuals, societies, governments and global businesses both socially and economically.

Networked Systems Security 


The research mission for Networked Systems Security at CSIT is to derive innovations in:

  • Accelerated security and content processing technologies
  • Real-time traffic mining, monitoring, content policing and early threat identification methods and algorithms
  • Threat/attack mitigation and defensive countermeasure technologies for mobile, wireless and wire-line networks (rapid recovery)
  • Detection & prevention of Internet misuse or abuse, e.g. misuse of the Internet with criminal intent, instigated by financial, political, sexual or anti-social incentives
  • Network security governance, policies and protocols
  • Security risk classification, management and mitigation
  • Network/domain/host vulnerability analysis and assessment

The research will also investigate threats such as malicious software, intrusion, cyber-warfare tactics targeting government and e-business, and Denial of Service (DoS) attack strategies, tools and technologies.

The overarching guiding principle of these objectives is to make the Internet a safer place for society, in particular for those who are technologically naïve, computer illiterate, or socially vulnerable, such as children, and furthermore to make mobile and wire-line communication infrastructures more robust, defensible and dependable.

NSS overview image