The Data Security Systems (DSS) group, led by Professor Máire O’Neill, seeks to investigate practical data security solutions. Current research areas include post-quantum cryptography, PUF, SCA, Hardware Trojan detection, and QCA.

Professor O’Neill is Director of the UK Research Institute for Secure Hardware & Embedded Systems (RISE) and is project co-ordinator of the H2020 SAFEcrypto project.



  • Practical post-quantum cryptography
    • Physically secure hardware post-quantum crypto designs
    • Physically secure software post-quantum crypto designs
    • Parameter selection
    • Lattice-based IBE

  • Hardware Trojan Detection
    • Static detection techniques
    • ML-based approaches


A full list of DSS group publications can be found here.


CSIT Seminar SeriesA series of invited seminars on cutting-edge research topics in cyber security.

  EPSRC, NCSC, H2020, InvestNI & a range of Industry partners