The single overarching principle behind our research roadmap is that we are Securing our digital tomorrow.Securing our digital tomorrow

This broad theme has secure networks as an integral component, but is broken into three core areas of activity:

  • Securing Digital Assets: The distributed and networked nature of computing and storing digital assets in the Cloud requires context-specific security technologies. CSIT is channelling research and innovation into protecting assets, content and infrastructure from malicious attack or unintentional exposure. With pervasive computing, personal information will be used to optimise Smart Utilities and Smart Cities. We are therefore researching policies on privacy and ethics, technologies to prevent misuse of collected data and the opportunity for, and viability of, data shredding in the Cloud and the right to be forgotten.

  • Securing Digital Devices: In the hyper-connected world of the Internet of Things (IoT) there is significant security risk from loss of sensitive information on sensors and devices. Furthermore, with increasing communication channels there is an increased attack surface, so we are researching security protocol vulnerabilities and side channel attack and countermeasures. Research and innovation is also directed into Device Authentication, novel biometrics for access control, multi-factor authentication, hardware Trojan detection/prevention, novel approaches to mobile malware, secure virtualisation environments for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and robust Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) designs.

  • Securing Digital Citizens: With a pervasive computing landscape, people will be empowered within an active space that is aware of their presence, ubiquitous, sensitive, adaptive and responsive to their capabilities, needs, habits and emotions. CSIT is driving research and innovation into this area to provide secure active spaces that will encompass; social sensing and analytics, context aware data analytics and participatory sensing. This will use 'smart' data to provide a ‘next best action’ suggestion allowing the citizen to securely go where they want and engage with who they want, in the digital tomorrow.

CSIT uses the expertise within its different research clusters to assist in the provision of novel technologies for these core areas of activity.

Our work is industry informed via our Open Innovation Model where Member companies and Associates help shape research roadmaps. With CSIT’s unique environment and team we will accelerate delivery of new value back to Members and other stakeholders.

Key to the strategy of CSIT is our innovation conduits. A permanent group of engineering staff that sit alongside the academic researchers and assist with knowledge transfer, articulating capability, producing rapid prototyping and understanding the language and drivers of industry.

Commercialisation of research is via consultancy, collaborative partnerships, IP licensing and also through the creation of new ventures. CSIT will continue to nurture and facilitate spin-out company creation. CSIT will continue to support UKTI and Invest NI in attracting new businesses to the UK in the form of foreign direct investment (FDI).