A Global Innovation Hub for Cyber Security

Our vision is to be a global innovation hub for cyber security, this means that CSIT will accelerate new value creation, drive new venture creation and build capacity for the cyber security industry.

We define innovation as new value creation that leads to competitive advantage.

New value created is transferred to member companies, associates and partners through licensing, contract research, knowledge transfer programmes and also through the creation of new ventures.

In creating a hub CSIT is building capacity. A global brand recognised as a 'go-to' place for innovation and collaborative research, active in Horizon 2020 and other international research programmes, we support UK industry in consortia and co-tendering for opportunities.

For SMEs, CSIT will continue to support their winning of new business due to the ability to out-source expertise and design service consultancy. As well as building capacity that organisations can avail of, CSIT will continue to strongly support the challenge of a shortage of expertise and aptly skilled personnel by ‘spill-over’ of staff, PhD and Masters graduates moving into new employment as future leaders in the global cyber security industry.