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Guidelines for Students on Exceptional Circumstances

Things may not always go to plan during your time at University; something may happen that has an impact on you personally and, therefore, on your academic progress.  If any such factors have a significant effect on you and your studies (especially around the time of assessment deadlines or exams), you should always let someone in your School know at the earliest opportunity.

The University also recognises that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present particular circumstances for students which may impact upon their ability to engage with their studies, and to submit or complete assessments.  Accordingly, the guidance on Exceptional Circumstances for the 2021-22 academic year ensures that provision is made for the particular challenges faced by students during this academic year and that students have the opportunity to have their circumstances taken into consideration, if needed.

Important Note: The temporary increase in the maximum permitted self-certification period, in relation to exceptional circumstances applications for short-term illness and COVID related personal circumstances, ended on 31 January 2022. Therefore, the maximum permitted self-certification period has reverted to seven calendar days (excluding University closure periods) for assessments with a deadline of 1 February 2022 and thereafter. This guidance has been updated to reflect this. 

Download the Student Exceptional Circumstances Application Form 2021-22 (last updated 1 February 2022).

Details of the University deadlines for exceptional circumstances are available on the Key Dates section of the website.

This guide will help you understand what exceptional circumstances are and explain how and when you should inform your School.  It is essential that you read the University Study Regulations in conjunction with this guide.  In the event of any confusion, the University will rely on the Regulations in order to reach a decision.

If you require assistance you should, in the first instance, contact your School Office

If you require advice on how your circumstances will affect your academic progression, you should contact your Personal Tutor or Adviser of Studies. 

If you require guidance, such as how to complete the ‌Student Exceptional Circumstances Application Form 2021-22 or on the procedures in relation to the submission of exceptional circumstances to your School, you should contact Advice SU‌.