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External Examiner Reports

External examiners are required to submit one report annually on the University’s approved reporting template.

The University recommends that external examiners review the template and complete a draft report before they attend the Board of Examiners. The draft report should serve as the basis for the oral report to the Board. The draft report should not be submitted to the University.

Following the Board, the external examiner should amend the report as required, and submit it via the approved template as soon as possible, and no later than 30 June (UG programmes) or 30 November (PGT programmes).

The report form seeks to elicit answers to a particular range of questions for programme enhancement and quality assurance purposes. It is essential that all relevant sections of the report form are completed – both the ‘tick box’ questions and the sections that require written comments. 

The University requests that external examiners complete reports in as full and detailed a manner as possible. The University may request additional information if the report is deemed to contain insufficient detail.

The Secretaries to Boards of Examiners are responsible for directing external examiners to the relevant form for completion. External examiners may also obtain forms directly from the links above.