Language Courses for Non-Specialists and Special Purposes

Language Courses for Non-Specialists and Special Purposes

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1. Language courses for non-specialists

The Language Centre provides courses for students and staff from throughout the University who wish to take up or continue the study of a language. Languages on offer this year are Arabic, Bengali, Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Cantonese, Dutch, Hindi, French, German, Greek (Modern), Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Sign Language, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ulster Scots. Courses in minority languages will only run if there is sufficient demand. The language taught is of a practical nature.

The courses allow for progression from one level to the next, while not precluding first admission above the lowest level. Classes, which usually last two hours, are held weekly, as far as possible outside normal University teaching hours (e.g. in the later afternoon, early evening or Wednesday afternoon).  Courses run for 10 weeks twice per year, once in Semester 1 and again in Semester 2. Progression is recorded in line with the Common European Framework of Reference.  A University Certificate will be awarded to all students who attend for over 70% of the course and will include attainment level for CEFR for those who have progressed satisfactorily. Enrolment for courses takes place September to October and November to January. Students can register online at the Language Centre website. Further information, including timetable can be found on the Language Centre web pages. There is an administrative charge of £20 for Queen’s students and staff for each course. Further information may be obtained from the Language Centre, The McClay Library, (028) 9097 6178.

2. Languages for special purposes

The Language Centre, in conjunction with the School of Arts, English and Languages, now offers all students the opportunity to enrol in a course leading to a Certificate in Languages for Special Purposes. These certificates are open to undergraduate or postgraduate students from all faculties in the University who wish to develop their linguistic ability within specific contexts, such as Business or Tourism.

In French, German and Spanish for Business the three modules in each of the languages leading to the award of the certificate will equip students with the linguistic and cultural skills necessary to cope in a range of business situations in the foreign country. Each Certificate for Business in French, German or Spanish or the Certificate in Practical Irish is made up of three modules: Introductory (Post-GCSE for French), Intermediate and Advanced.

All modules in the Languages for Special Purposes programme can be accessed through the computer based learning system in the University’s multimedia Language Centre, allowing students to study at their own pace and in their own time as well as having the opportunity to attend tutor-led sessions. Each module will be delivered over two semesters through a combination of tutor-led classes and self-access multimedia material. Students must normally pass the three modules in each language of the business courses to be awarded the certificate. With the exception of the first French module, for which GCSE French at Grade C (or equivalent) is required, there are no specific entry requirements for the introductory modules. These modules are not available as part of any degree pathway and students may only enrol on these modules over and above the full complement of modules for their degree. The marks awarded for the business modules will be recorded on transcripts of degree marks. Each business module will carry 20 CATS points. A fee of £60 is payable for enrolment on each module.

Please contact the Language Centre for further details and enrolment.