University Policy on the Management of Re-sit Examinations and Assessment

University Policy on the Management of Re-sit Examinations or Assessment

  1. Where a student has failed to pass a module at any level, all Schools should provide an opportunity for students at all levels to re-sit, or exceptionally, take as a first sitting, an assessment which contributes to the requirements for passing the module, at or before the designated re-sit period before the end of the academic year. Where there is more than one element of assessment for a module, Undergraduate Study Regulations 1.3.2-1.3.4 / Postgraduate Taught Study Regulations 1.2.2-1.2.4 provide the framework for identifying which assessments students should be permitted and required to undertake.
  2. Where a specific failed element of assessment is to be retaken, students may be permitted to undertake an alternative form of assessment in lieu of the failed element, but only if the alternative form of assessment examines the specific learning outcomes associated with the failed component.
  3. Students who have registered for a re-sit examination will be required to sit the examination at the designated re-sit period before the end of the academic year, including registering and making payment for the re-sit examination or provide good cause for non-attendance.

It is accepted that it may not be possible to implement these commitments where a student is required to retake elements of assessment for which achievement of the learning outcomes cannot be satisfactorily assessed by a resit opportunity within the same academic year (for example, placements, major projects, some forms of group work and compulsory practical elements). In such instances, the reassessment will take place at the earliest possible opportunity, under the appropriate conditions.

Where programmes are accredited by professional, statutory and regulatory bodies, they may have requirements which do not allow for items (i) or (ii).  If this is the case, Schools should apply to the Director of Academic and Student Affairs for an exemption.