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The titles of Honorary Professor, Honorary Professor of Practice, Honorary Senior Lecturer and Honorary Lecturer are awarded to recognise and reward an agreed contribution to the teaching and/or research of the University, or input through professional standing, in the interests of the University. 

Please find below the scheduled meeting dates of the Honorary Titles Group in academic year 2020-21 and the respective submission deadlines for nomination forms‌ to be received.  Note that approval of Honorary Title nominations is granted by Academic Council.

Submission DeadlineHonorary Titles Group MeetingAcademic Council Meeting
4 September 2020 15 October 2020 4 November 2020
15 January 2021 4 March 2021 24 March 2021
  • Criteria for Conferment

    Those considered for Honorary Titles should meet an agreed Academic Profiles in terms of their academic/professional standing.

  • Procedures

    An Honorary Titles Nomination Form should be submitted for the conferral of Honorary Titles.  An Honorary Titles Renewal Form should be submitted for the renewal of Honorary Titles.

    The steps of the process are as follows:

    1. Heads of Schools approach potential nominees to discuss the possibility of an Honorary Title.
    2. Candidates provide the School with access to a summary CV (three to five pages). Where a publicly accessible CV is available, the URL to this should be provided to the School. The CV should include the names of two external referees who have agreed to be consulted about the nomination.
    3. The School completes the standard nomination form. The School will either include an URL to the candidate’s CV on the form or provide a copy of the CV.  The School also includes the name of a third external referee who has agreed to be consulted about the nomination.
    4. Referee details are not required for nominations of the title of Honorary Lecturer (both new and renewal), unless requested by the Honorary Titles Group at a later date.
    5. Heads of Schools arrange for the School Management Board to consider all nominations against the approved Academic Profiles, and forward all nomination forms to Academic Affairs.
    6. The Secretary of the Honorary Titles Group requests three external references for each nomination for Honorary Professor and Honorary Professor of Practice.  The Group reserves the right to request references for nominations for Honorary Senior Lectureships and Honorary Lectureships. The School will be contacted if further referee details are required.
    7. The Honorary Titles Group considers all recommendations from Schools and brings forward recommendations to Academic Council.
    8. Once approval is granted, Academic Affairs adds the Honorary Title holder to the QUB Additional Persons database, and issues a confirmation letter, a document outlining rights and responsibilities, and an identification card.

    The Honorary Titles Group meets twice per academic year (normally October and March), and is serviced by Academic Affairs.

    This document outlines current practice for handling Honorary Title Nominations.

    The University’s Privacy Notice in respect of Honorary Titles can be accessed here: Honorary and Visiting Research Titles Privacy Notice.

    Further guidance on protecting personal data in completing nomination forms and providing CV's is available here.

  • Duration

    An Honorary Title will initially be awarded for up to three years.  Titles can be renewed for a further five years at a time if a significant initial and ongoing contribution to the University is documented. 

  • Employment Status

    The award of an Honorary Title does not create an employment relationship between the title holder and the University. 

  • Remuneration

    Honorary Titles holders should not be given remuneration for their contribution to the University.

    The University, however, recognises that within the School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Sciences title holders may be further engaged for a separate purpose by the School, to undertake activities that are over and above the contribution specified for the conferral of their Honorary Title.  The School should indicate, at the point of nomination, if such paid activity is likely to occur during the period of the title.  Payment should never be made for the same contribution as that of the Honorary Title.

  • Intellectual Property

    Ownership rights may vary depending on external employers’ rights, existing agreements and other factors – please contact the Intellectual Property team to establish the specific intellectual property position.  

  • Entitlements and Obligations


    Honorary Titles holders are entitled to full library access; are eligible to register for a University email address and to use Queen’s Online; and may apply for membership of the Physical Education Centre.  Honorary Titles holders are covered by the Employers’ Liability insurance policies when working on University premises.


    Honorary Titles holders are normally obliged to contribute to teaching and/or research on behalf of the University, or to make a palpable and defined contribution through their professional standing.  Honorary Titles holders are required to comply with the standard Queen’s policies and procedures when on University premises and/or carrying out work in their capacity as an Honorary Title holder.