Current Scholarship Opportunities

Helen Ramsey Turtle Scholarship

Open to current postgraduate students at Queen's, who also undertook their primary degree at QUB and will be travelling to North America (USA/Canada) to undertake a period of study.

The purpose of the award is to enhance the opportunities available, such as further travel or other activities, to a graduate student of Queen’s who is currently studying a postgraduate course at the University and has already determined to study in North America (USA/Canada). Candidates must also demonstrate how they intend to use this experience to benefit the wider community upon their return to Northern Ireland.

Scholarship details

photo of female postgraduate student in graduate school

Higginson Leadership Award 2018

An award is available up to £3,000. Also a Degree Plus Route A approved activity

The purpose of the award is to encourage enterprising activities, social responsibility, inspirational leadership and the ability to inspire others.

Be inspiring