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Dr G A Baird Scholarship

These Entrance Scholarships for Non-A-Level entrants were created by the University in 1995, in recognition of the increasing numbers of students entering the University with non-traditional entrance qualifications.  Their introduction was recommended to the University by Dr George Alexander Baird (1939-1997) who served with distinction as Secretary to Academic Council at Queen's from 1985 until 1997.  Dr Baird graduated with a Physics degree from Queen's University in 1960, followed by an MSc from the University of Waterloo in 1962 and a PhD from the University of Alberta in 1966.  He held the posts of ICI Postdoctoral Fellow and Lecturer at University College Dublin, before taking up a temporary appointment as Research Associate and Assistant Professor at the Simon Frazer University, British Columbia.  Following his return to University College Dublin, he was elected Dean of the Faculty of Science in 1976.  In 1998, the Non-A-Level Entrance Scholarships were named the Dr George Alexander Baird Entrance Scholarships in recognition of Dr Baird's enormous contribution to the work of the University, and as a mark of the affection and respect with which he was remembered by colleagues.

All full-time or part-time students entering the University at Level 0 or Level 1 for the first time, and on the basis of entrance qualifications other than two or more A-Levels as entrance qualifications, will be eligible for consideration for a Baird Entrance Scholarship on completion of stage 1 modules. 

Four scholarships of £600 each will be awarded each year to the students who are have proceeded to Level 2 and who have achieved the highest average mark in Level 1 examinations. 

This will normally be calculated on the basis of six Level 1 module marks.  Students entering at Level 0 will be considered for the scholarships the following year, alongside direct entrants to Level 1. 

Two awards, one in science-based faculties and the other in arts-based faculties, will be made to students with entrance qualifications deemed equivalent to A-Levels (e.g. Scottish Highers or the Irish Leaving Certificate). 

Two further awards, one in science-based faculties and the other in arts-based faculties, will be made to students whose academic background and qualifications promote the University’s goal of widening participation (e.g. entrants via Access courses). 

The awards will be made by the University's Scholarships & Awards Group.  The Group may choose not to make an award(s) if a sufficiently high performance in Level 1 is not achieved.

Students cannot apply for this award. All those who meet the criteria will be automatically considered.

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