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Helen Ramsey Turtle Travel Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in 1947 by the Ulster-American Friendship Committee in memory of Mrs Helen Ramsey Turtle, a remarkable and much loved young American woman married to an Ulsterman.  She died in 1946 leaving three small daughters.  The award was instituted by some of Helen Ramsey Turtle's friends who, through a keen sense of loss of a vivid personality, wished to establish some form of memorial which would reflect her wide interests and her identification with both the old and new worlds.

The scholarship is open to postgraduate students, enrolled at Queen’s University Belfast both at the time of application and of travel, who have undertaken their primary degree at Queen’s and who intend to travel to the USA and/or Canada to undertake a period of study.  It is desirable, but not essential, that the period of travel would be not less than six weeks. Study in the areas of literature and medicine are particularly welcomed, however, this scholarship is open to all subjects of the University. 

The scholarship will normally be of a value of approximately £2,000 and should be spent on travel within North America and/or activities which applicants can demonstrate will add value to their period of study.  The scholarship is not intended to form part of the core funding required for the period of study, i.e. for travel to and from North America and associated subsistence costs. 

Applicants will be expected to outline clearly what they hope to gain personally from their experience in USA/Canada, and how they intend to use this experience to benefit the wider community upon their return to Northern Ireland.  They should also be able to indicate how they intend to embody the legacy of Helen Ramsey Turtle i.e. in forging and building Ulster/American friendships.

More information on this scholarship will be published as it becomes available.