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Queen's Graduates' Association Scholarship

The Queen’s Graduates’ Association (QGA) is the main graduate association for Queen’s alumni living in Northern Ireland.  Since its inception the QGA has supported the University in a range of ways including the provision of gifts, financial and other.  In 2002, it established the QGA Scholarship to provide financial assistance for postgraduate students.  This was seen as a means of helping to strengthen the ties between the QGA, its members and the University, whilst also focusing on the nature of the relationship between graduates and the University.

The rules governing the Scholarship are summarised as follows:

  • The Faculty, from which the successful students shall be selected, will be rotated each year, for example, Medicine, Health and Life Sciences in 2020-21, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences in 2021-22, and Engineering and Physical Sciences in 2022-23.
  • Each School within the relevant Faculty will be asked to nominate one student, who has demonstrated academic excellence and has returned to Queen’s for postgraduate study.
  • The nominated students will be asked to give a presentation to a selection panel consisting of representatives from the QGA, the Scholarships and Awards Group, and the Development and Relations Office, where they will be required to outline their area of postgraduate study positively.
  • The selection panel will then select the successful recipients, based on the best presentations and responses to the panel’s questions.
  • Two awards shall be issued to the successful students.  The value of the awards will be £2,500 each.

Schools in the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences will be contacted in October 2021 to nominate a candidate.

Nominated students will normally be interviewed in November/December by the QGA Panel. 

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