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There might be a lot to think about when making changes to your course, depending on what changes you are considering and the point you are at in your studies. However, we can help you to work through the options:

  • Transferring modules

    Students may not change the modules for which they have been registered without the formal written approval of their Adviser of Studies. Normally no such changes will be permitted after the second week of the relevant semester, except in extenuating circumstances.

  • Transferring to another programme

    You should talk to your Adviser of Studies/supervisor at the earliest opportunity if you are thinking about changing your degree programme to a different subject. You may also need to speak to someone in the Admissions & Access Service about the requirements for the course you want to change to.

    The procedures vary dependant on your Level of Study and time of year, so for further information please refer to the Internal Transfer Policy.

    Transfers are not automatic, and there is no guarantee that you will be accepted onto the new programme.  Your case may be strengthened if you have a good academic record, so it is important that you keep attending classes and handing in work while your transfer request is being processed.

    If you want to transfer to a different university, you should contact them to ask what the procedures are – you may have to apply through UCAS.

  • Changing your mode of study

    If for any reason, you are thinking of altering your mode of study, for example changing from full-time study to part-time study, you should speak to your Adviser of Studies/Personal Tutor or supervisor (PGR students only) in the first instance.  There may be a range of possible options for you to consider depending on your circumstances, however not all courses can be offered as part time study. 

    Altering your mode of study will affect your fee calculations and student funding so it is important that you consider these implications when making your decision.  For advice, please contact Connie Craig, Students’ Union Advice Centre Manager (Financial Adviser).

    Most international students cannot study on a part-time basis.  If you want to switch to part-time status, you must seek advice from an International Student Support Officer before you make any changes to your studies. 

    You may be required by your School to change to part-time study for the purposes of resitting failed modules in the next academic year, before you can progress to the next level of study.  If this is a requirement, it will be discussed with you in detail at your Student Support Meeting with your School.