A temporary withdrawal is an approved absence from university for a set period of time (see Regulations for Students 1.19 xii).    

Students may request a period of temporary withdrawal for the following reasons:

  • Medical;
  • Maternity;
  • Personal circumstances.

If for any reason you feel that you may need or benefit from ‘time-out’ from your studies, you must discuss the situation first with your Adviser of Studies/supervisor who will be able to offer guidance and support.  You must receive approval from your School in advance of your period of temporary withdrawal, and your School will be responsible for initiating the relevant procedures, if deemed appropriate.

The University, in accordance with the relevant regulations and procedures, may require that a student withdraws temporarily in the following situations:

  • If there are concerns over attendance and/or progress;
  • If there are concerns over student’s fitness to study.

Please note that:  

  • If you are on a period of temporary withdrawal, you retain your place on your course but you are not considered an active student and have no right to avail of University services. As such you will not normally be permitted to submit coursework or to sit examinations while on temporary withdrawal.  
  • A period of temporary withdrawal cannot exceed one year and no student will be permitted more than two periods of temporary withdrawal.  
  • Time out from your course will be counted towards any restrictions on total periods of registration for taught courses.  Such restrictions will be outlined in your programme specification, if applicable.
  • A period of temporary withdrawal from a research degree programme will not be counted towards the total period of study (see Study Regulation for Research Degree Programmes 5.3.4).
  • a period of temporary withdrawal may have tuition fee implications.  For further information, please see Section 5 Withdrawals and Refunds of the Student Finance Framework.
  • Temporary withdrawal is also likely to affect your student funding, and you may be asked to repay any money you have received for the period you are withdrawn from the University.  Students on temporary withdrawal are not normally entitled to state benefits, however there are some exceptions to this.  It is your responsibility to find out the financial implications of your decision to take a temporary withdrawal. For advice, please contact Connie Craig, Students’ Union Advice Centre Manager (Financial Adviser).
  • If you are an international student it may not be possible for you to take temporary withdrawal and remain in the UK.  You must seek advice from an International Student Support Officer before you make any changes to your studies.