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The guidance below talks through the various withdrawal procedures and what they mean for you as a student:

  • Permanent Withdrawal

    Deciding to permanently withdraw

    While it is hoped that all students will find their chosen course enjoyable and rewarding, it is accepted that not everyone will have made the right choice.  If you are thinking of withdrawing from the University, you should start the process by talking to your Adviser of Studies/supervisor.

    It is important that you complete the formal procedure to withdraw including filling out a withdrawal form, available from your Adviser of Studies or School Office.   If you simply stop attending classes, you will continue to be held liable for fees

    Fee liability and refunds, if appropriate, depend on the date of withdrawal. Adjustments to tuition fees are calculated with reference to the date of a student's withdrawal from the University, not the last date of attendance.  Withdrawals cannot normally be implemented retrospectively.  For further information, please see Section 5 Withdrawals and Refunds of the Student Finance Framework.

    Withdrawing from the University is also likely to affect your student funding, and you may be asked to repay any money you have received from the date you are withdrawn.  For advice, please contact Connie Craig, Students’ Union Advice Centre Manager (Financial Adviser).

    If you are a Tier 4 student and you decide to withdraw from your course, the University will be required to make a report to the Home Office.  You must seek advice from an International Student Support Officer before you make any changes to your studies. 

    Required to permanently withdraw

    The University, in accordance with the relevant regulations and procedures, may require that a student to permanently withdraw from the University for academic reasons (see Regulations for Students 1.19 xii).  This decision may be made by a Board of Examiners, School Postgraduate Research Committee or Academic Offences Committee.  A student who has been required to withdraw has the right to request an appeal of this decision to the relevant body and will be informed of this right within the communication of the decision.

    Students who have been required to withdraw from the University must apply to the University’s Admissions and Access Service should they subsequently wish to re-register. Failure to disclose a previous requirement to withdraw may lead to the withdrawal of any offer of admission or dismissal from the University. Students who have been required to withdraw from the University must spend at least two semesters away from the University before they can be re-admitted. In all cases a School has the right to refuse a student permission to re-register.

  • Presumed Withdrawn

    In accordance with Regulations for Students 1.19 xiv, you will be presumed withdrawn if you do not re-register within the normal registration period, or are absent from study without notification or approval for longer than 10 working days. 

    It is therefore important to follow registration procedures within the specified time-frames and to keep in touch with your School, if you will be absent for any reason.

    If you are presumed withdrawn, you are not deemed as a student of the University and therefore lose all rights and privileges associated with student status.

    You will be re-classified as permanently withdrawn, if you do not respond within 10 working days to written communication from the University regarding your student status.  If you receive such communication, and you wish to continue your studies, it is imperative that you contact your School immediately.