Using the Personal Response System in your Classes

  • Using the Personal Response System in your Classes

Dates:      4 September 2018

Designed for:

Staff interested in using the Personal Response System to promote interactivity in their classes.


The University has updated its current Turning Point (Personal Response System (PRS)) provision which is widely used by many lecturers and staff and is commonly referred to as our “interactive voting system” or “clickers”.

A major feature of the new provision is the ability for users to create interactive presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint which will in turn allow participants to express their opinions / respond to a variety of questions in real time using their mobile devices and or university supplied clickers.

This course will show you how to use the PRS system in your lectures and explain the new features in detail.

Even if you have attended this course before you may find an explanation of the new features invaluable.


Some previous experience with PowerPoint is necessary for attendance at the workshop.


Registration is via Queen’s Online (In the navigation under My Services, select Other, then Training Courses).

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