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FAQs - Digital First Aid

Have a question about any aspect of digital skills?

Here you can find the most common questions that students want to know about development of digital skills and learning in a digital environment. The FAQs are categorised into different sections to make it easier for you to find the answer that you are looking for, or you can just simply browse through them to improve your knowledge and get some tips and practical advice about digital skills.

Digital Skills Development

These questions are about how you can gauge and improve your digital skills. They also explore the use of different tools and apps in learning.

  • Where can I find resources/training to improve my digital skills?

    In the Digital Skills Discovery Hub, all students can find a range of resources to help them improve their digital skills. This includes everything from infographics and podcasts that we have created to curated courses that you can sign up to. These resources are all organised around six different digital capabilities of development. You can find out more about each of these within the Digital Skills Discovery Hub - created especially for you as a student.

    Just navigate yourself from here back to the home or landing page.

  • How can I assess my digital skills?

    You can use the Jisc Discovery Tool to start assessing or exploring your digital skills. This is an online tool that Queen’s have subscribed to, so all Queen’s students and staff can access this service.

    By completing a short questionnaire that asks you about your digital attitudes and skills, you will receive a personal visualisation report on 15 areas of digital capability. It takes around 15 minutes to do and you can re-take it as often as you want. It will allow you to identify your current digital strengths and explore new areas of development - why not get started today?

  • My digital skills are already pretty good, what courses are there that would be useful for me to keep my skills up to date?

    If you have strong general digital skills, taking the Jisc Discovery Tool will allow you to highlight more niche, specific areas of digital capability that you may have never considered before. For example, you may be good at coding and creating digital content but you may struggle with being information or data literate. You may be able to easily adapt to new apps and use new technology to solve problems but not know how to manage your online identity.

    Even if you are confident in digital skills, we would recommend taking the Discovery Tool to identify your strengths and areas for improvement. There are suggested resources to explore after you have completed the tool or if you want to learn more you can pick a course from our curation in the Hub area.

  • I am not very good with passwords – do you have any advice on how to organise this and protect myself?

    Password management is a very important part of your online learning experience and it is equally as important in your private life. As a student, it is essential that you keep your accounts and devices safe, private and secure.

    Here is Queen's advice on password guidance, security, and protecting devices.

    It is advisable to read this information carefully and return to it regularly for any updates on security advice.

  • I am a research student, where can I get support for using SPSS?

    There is an Introduction to SPSS workshop that is available to undertake.

    You can also sign up and check out this useful SPSS statistics resource.

    These will provide a range of relevant materials and guides to help you to carry out different analyses that you may need to as part of your research.

    Other sources of advice available include:

    • The Queen's library - ask at the information desk
    • Graduate School
    • Your own School website for information
  • What apps or tools are available for students to help them learn?

    Last year, in a survey of digital experiences, we asked students at Queen's to identify what apps and tools they liked to learn with. A great diversity was found with over 170 different types listed. The top 3 apps and tools that students said they use were YouTube, Canvas and Quizlet (which is a flashcard app to help students study). 

    As a direct result of this survey, we developed a Digital Tool Study Guide which provides a list of suggested tools and apps for different aspects of your study - such as revision, presentation and planning.

    Tip: When thinking about what tools to use, always remember to think about your digital wellbeing and use what works for you - remember there are apps to help you unwind from study too!

Being an Online Learner

These questions are about different aspects of being an online learner in digital environments.

Creating Content

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions relating to digital creation.

  • Where can I find free tools and software?

    There are a lot of tools and software that you can use for learning - some are free and some will need a subscription. It is good to check this out before you decide which tool to use.

    We have compiled a list of suggested tools for you in the Digital Study Tool Guide which may help in different aspects of your study.

    Also, if you find something that you think other students would find useful why not contact us and let us know. By sharing what you find useful we all learn! You can contact us by email