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Digital Learning: "Digital learning is the ability to turn digital opportunities into personal learning gains. In many ways this depends on our general readiness and motivation to learn, but in some ways digital learning makes particular demands. Habits of successful digital learners include: using new media such as apps, games and quizzes; participating in open courses and learning networks; using digital tools to plan, reflect and showcase learning; monitoring and self-assessing; managing time and tasks."

Digital Teaching: "Digital teaching is the ability to support and develop others in digital settings. This might mean working in a teaching role or as part of a teaching team, or it might mean supporting development much less formally, e.g. as an appraiser or mentor. As with digital learning, the underlying commitment to development must be there, but the digital tools for realising it present new opportunities and challenges."

Discover more about the concepts of Digital Learning and Development by watching the following video, developed by students at the University of Derby.

Adults learning in computer class. Attribute
Digital learning and development at Queen's

To find out about Digital Learning and Development, take a look at the following guidance provided by Queen's:

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Other Resources

Here are some other resources to help you explore this important element of digital capability.

At a Glance cover image. Digital experience insights survey 2019/20: findings from students at Queen's University
Digital Experience Insights Survey - For Students
Findings from the student survey is now available to view

You can view the At a Glance findings here.

Other brochures are also available, including an overall Insititutional brochure which outlines the findings in more detail and relevant Faculty brochures. Please contact for access to these.

The Bridge
A fully immersive online environment

The Bridge brings the convenience of learning from anywhere to the quality of a lecture theatre at Queen’s. The environment allows participants from all over the world to participate in discussions, interact using polls, and collect learning materials with persistent online file storage. The Bridge was installed by the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, but can be used by any Queen's staff and is available for hire to businesses and organisations.

Click here for more information.


Woman on laptop
Online Learning
When the VLE becomes your campus

You can view this resource by ALT (Association for Learning Technology) here!

Teaching in a Digital Age book cover
Free textbook
Teaching in a Digital Age

This is a free resource available online from the Canadian B.C. Open Textbook Project, recommended by JISC.

Teaching in a Digital Age by A.W. (Tony) Bates