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Students are represented on committees at all levels of the University: from School-based ones through to central University committees such as Academic Council, the most senior academic committee, and Senate, the governing body.

The University requires that every School establishes at least one Staff-Student Consultative Committee (SSCC) composed of equal numbers of academic staff and students. The SSCC allows students to give their views on course developments and discuss any areas of concern. The students who serve on SSCCs, the “Course Reps” as they are called, are elected by their peers. As well as serving on SSCCs, student representatives also make an important contribution to quality assurance and enhancement processes within the School. The University’s procedures for reviewing modules (module review), whole programmes (annual programme review) and entire subject areas (the Educational Enhancement Process) all make provision for student members of review panels. Further details relating to this are included in the Staff-Student Consultative Committee section of the Academic Affairs Committee page.

To maximise the effectiveness of student representation, the Students' Union  provides training for Course Reps and has also produced a Course Rep Handbook.  Moreover, recognising both the importance of the role and the skills and experience that students develop, students may make service on committees count towards the Degree Plus award.