The First Year Experience Survey

The University’s First Year Experience Survey (FYE) is conducted online, normally in February or March, and has a response rate of around 45% which represents approximately 2000 students. The results are analysed and reported to senior management committees where they inform the development of new policies and the monitoring of existing ones. The results are also sent to Schools and areas of academic-support which provide key student services. Note that student anonymity is preserved at all times and no reports or analyses of results contain reference to individual students or allow individual students to be identified.


The FYE questionnaire is broadly based on the core 27 questions that make up the National Student Survey (NSS). Some additional questions are included that provide feedback on additional areas of interest relating to the student experience, for example, the proportion of time spent on a range of activities and student perceptions of the University’s system of Personal Tutors. The final section asks questions about student perceptions of equality and diversity within their School.


The aim of the FYE is to generate results that are a valid reflection of student opinion so that they can be used effectively in shaping policy and improving the quality of academic provision and services. As always, the objective is to listen to what students are saying and to respond to this. 


If you would like more information please contact Nick Bohill (Careers, Employability and Skills), email: