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DASA Health and Safety Manual

The Health and Safety of all DASA staff and service users is of paramount importance.  All of us play a role in ensuring we have a safe working environment, however there are a number of staff with specific roles and responsibilties.

The DASA Health and Safety Manual sets out these roles and responsibilites.  The Manual is made up of a number of documents, some of which will only be relevant to staff who work in either the Student Guidance Centre or the Graduate School

The Health and Safety Co-ordinators for the Directorate are Helen McNeely and Paul Morgan. Please contact them if you have any queries about Health and Safety within the Directorate.


Part 1: DASA Health and Safety Manual

Part 2: DASA Health and Safety Manual - Roles and Responsbilities

Part 3: University Health and Safety Arrangements

Appendix A: H&S Checklist for Managers

Appendix B: Student Guidance Centre Operational Manual 

Appendix C: Graduate School Operational Manual

Appendix D: DASA Welcome Guide to New Staff (for a copy, please contact

Appendix E: Student Guidance Centre and Graduate School Information Assistants Weekly Checklists