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The Estates Helpdesk provides a linkage between Building Liaison Officers (BLOs) and the Services Division with Estates. If you need to request an Estates service, you should contact your nominated BLO.

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In an emergency, or in other circumstances where it is not possible to log a service request, you should contact the Estates Helpdesk by email, or by telephone, ext 5152.  The Estates Helpdesk is operational between 8.05am and 5.00pm.  Outside of these hours please contact Security Ext: 5099.

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What is a BLO?

BLOs are staff attached to each Building/School/Directorate and are responsible for logging requests on the Computer Aided Facilities Management System (CAFM – Planon). BLOs can also track the progress of, and amend, requests.  Staff should consult School Managers or Directors for details of their BLOs. If you are a BLO please use the button above to log a new request or track previous requests. If you would like to apply to be a registered BLO, please use the  application forms provided.


The Estates Service Delivery Plan sets out the standard services available from the Estates Directorate with regards to maintenance, gardening, portering, cleaning, environmental, security and other services; together with additional services and charges.  The Service Delivery Plan, which has been developed following a consultative process involving representatives from Schools and Directorates, is designed to provide greater transparency in respect of all Estates services and charges. Please also refer to the Estates Services Division for further information.


  • Cleaning: Additional cleaning requirements, carpet cleaning, moving of furniture between buildings
  • Environmental: Skip disposal, disposal of furniture and equipment
  • Gardening: Plant provision for events, tree trimming
  • Maintenance: Electrical: Power failures and lighting repairs, Plumbing/Mechanical: leaking pipes, overflowing sinks, blocked toilets, heating problems, Joinery: Key cutting, repair/replace locks, repair doors, repair/replace shelving
  • Portering: Equipment hire (blue boards and Gopak tables), room set-up, events cover
  • Security: Car park barrier faults, access control faults
  • Other: Furniture, lift faults, pest control, painting, replacement carpets, blinds, curtain repair and replacement, tiling, glazing, roof repairs, key cutting and key authorisation (please find the attached form for applying for key authorisation). 



  • Emergency – Response within 4 working hours. Emergencies are deemed to be an incident likely to pose an immediate danger to life, a health and safety hazard or cause serious structural damage to a building. In emergencies, reports should be made to the Estates Helpdesk on Ext: 5152 and followed up through the online request system through a Building Liaison Officer
  • Urgent­ – Response within 24 hours. Urgent requests are deemed to be an incident likely to pose a danger and inconvenience to building users.
  • Standard - Response within 5 working days. A standard incident is defined as requiring minor repair/maintenance and causing minor inconvenience to building users.
  • Normal - Response within 20 working days. A normal incident is defined as an incident causing no substantial inconvenience to building users, usually an improvement or superficial repair.
  • By Agreed date - BLO to agree date with the Estates Helpdesk and note date on CAFM request.