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Estates uses a range of computerised Management Information systems to assist in the effective management of the estate.

Queen’s Property Information Management System (QPIMS) 
stores data relating to the allocation of space throughout the University, including the unique identity number of each individual space, area m2 of each space, space type, and the School or Directorate to which the space is allocated. As well as being central to other Estates systems, QPIMS is a core University solution and is linked to the Telephone, Room Booking and QFIS systems. It also provides the data to enable the University to make statutory returns to external bodies on the overall use and condition of the physical estate.

Utilities Management System (UMS) records energy consumption across the University, providing Schools and Directorates with accurate information on usage and costs. These are then allocated directly to the relevant cost centres using QPIMS.

Computer Aided Facilities Management System (CAFM) (Planon) records all maintenance activities performed by University staff and external contractors throughout the estate, and provides management reports on the cost and resource implications.  It is currently being expanded, to incorporate all the necessary Health and Safety information required by staff and contractors undertaking maintenance activities. The system is also used to manage the provision of all soft services provided by Estates, including Portering, Security, Environmental, Gardening and Cleaning activities. 

Electronic  Access Control System (EAC) manages staff, student and visitor access to University buildings outside of normal opening hours. 

Cark Park Management System (CPM) manages the allocation of car parking permits and the management of access to University car parks.

Security Convergence System (SCS) monitors all intruder and panic alarms, fire system alarms and alerts, CCTV footage etc, and informs Security’s response to each incident.

Building Condition Monitoring (BCM) records and monitors data on the fabric of the physical estate over a period of time and, with QPIMS, informs a number of the statutory returns which the University is required to make to external bodies.