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The Estate Strategy 2012-22 provides a comprehensive framework for accommodation planning and aims to describe in one document:

  • The relationship between the Corporate Plan objectives and the estate.
  • The University’s existing estate, its condition, performance, problems and opportunities.
  • The current and future requirements of the estate, i.e. what buildings and facilities will be needed to deliver the Plan.
  • The opportunities for development and rationalisation to deliver the optimum physical environment.
  • The scale of maintenance required to provide and retain the estate in an appropriate condition.
  • Assessments resulting in the identification of preferred development options.
  • Proposed changes to management processes that will support the delivery of the strategic aims of the University.

The focus for the strategic development of the estate over the next ten year period must be sustainability, both environmental and economic. Common to both is minimization of waste and optimization of major resources including staff, space, equipment and energy.