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Conditions of Use

Car park permits are issued subject to the current Conditions of Use. Failure to observe these conditions may result in the loss of car parking privileges and may in some cases lead to disciplinary action. The pressure for car parking spaces within the University estate is still significant. As a result, the possession of a permit does not guarantee that a parking space will always be available. During the course of the year, on-going building work will restrict the number of parking spaces available on some sites.

1. a) A permit is only valid for use in the car park for which it is issued. Only the registered staff member is entitled to use this permit. Permits are only valid during the period specified.

b) Permit holders may register an additional vehicle for infrequent use. No additional permits will be issued for this vehicle. Users must ensure that their permit is transferred to the second vehicle prior to parking at the University. Where staff transfer their permit between two or more vehicles, and where these fall into different car parking permit bands, car parking charges will be based on the car with the higher emissions.

2. Valid permits must be displayed at all times whilst on University property, preferably on the front left of the vehicle’s windscreen.

3 University car parking charges are based on vehicle CO2 emissions. The details are provided by the DVA for each staff vehicle registered at that time on the Car Parking Management System. The University handles this data in full compliance with Data Protection legislation.

4 Staff using a temporary vehicle, for a limited period of time, may register the vehicle on the car parking management system for a period of up to seven days. Doing so will not affect your monthly parking deductions. Vehicles registered through this method will be subject to normal car parking Conditions of Use.

5. For those car parks controlled by keypad access, new permit holders should email to arrange for their staff cards to be enabled for access.

6. Permit holders for Mount Charles require an access smartcard to gain entry to the car park. Access smartcards, issued by the Estates Directorate, act as a permit and must be on display within the vehicle when parked at Mount Charles.

7. Staff who are on a career break or, for any other reason, are absent from work during the permit renewal period, and who wish to retain car parking privileges, must make appropriate arrangements to renew their permit. Failure to renew will render that staff member ineligible for parking privileges for the subsequent year. In exceptional circumstances parking privileges may be renewed at the discretion of the Estates Directorate.

8. From the date of commencement of their maternity leave, University staff who hold a valid car parking permit will be exempt from car parking charges for the duration of their maternity leave, up to a maximum of 52 weeks.

9. Vehicles must be parked in designated bays only. Strict enforcement is in place and contravention of this condition will result in the vehicle being clamped. A daily penalty will be payable for each incident of unauthorised parking requiring the removal of a clamp. Details of the offence will be recorded by Security. A second such offence within a twelve month period will result in the removal of parking privileges.

10. To ensure efficient car park management and the safety of all users, the Conditions of Use will be strictly enforced and contravention will result in clamping.

Parking infringements include:

  • Failure to park in a designated car parking bay
  • Unauthorised parking in a disabled bay
  • Obstruction of fire exists or other emergency exits
  • Unauthorised parking in a visitor parking bay
  • Failure to display a valid permit

In the event of an infringement, details of the vehicle will be recorded by Security and an infringement notice issued. The vehicle will be immobilised using a wheel clamp. Release of a clamp is subject to payment of a £25 fee for each day or part thereof, which should be paid to Security Control (based at Level 1, Administration Building). To maintain efficient car park management, a consistent approach will be adopted to all offenders.

Any user wishing to appeal the decision to clamp a vehicle should lodge a written appeal with the Director of Estates within five days of the issue of the Release Fee. The Director of Estates’ decision will be final.

11. Permits may be cancelled by giving notice before the tenth day of the calendar month in which the permit is to be cancelled. Notice must be given in writing, either by email to or directly to the Estates Directorate. Notice of cancellation received after the tenth of the month will incur charges for the remainder of that calendar month. Permit holders paying annually by cash must follow the same procedure and will only be refunded any complete months paid for in advance. Refunds will not be back dated.

12. Permit holders are responsible for ensuring that the correct car parking charges are being deducted from their salary. In the event of an overpayment, staff members must inform the Estates Directorate immediately. If there has been an overpayment, the Estates Directorate will arrange for reimbursement, starting from the calendar month of notification.

13 Pedestrians have priority within Queen’s University property. The maximum permitted speed limit for vehicles is 10 miles per hour.

14. In exceptional circumstances the Estates Directorate reserves the right to issue car parking permits on grounds of business continuity.

15. All vehicles brought onto University property should be adequately insured, as the University cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage which may occur.

16 Questions/comments may be emailed to the Estates Directorate at