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  • What are the changes?

    From November 2011, the current flat rate car parking charge is being replaced with a banded system based on carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, with lower emissions vehicles attracting lower tariffs.

  • Why change the current flat rate charge?

    Queen's is committed to improving its environmental performance and fundamentally changing the way it works so that it becomes an environmentally sustainable low carbon organisation. This commitment is underpinned by the University Travel Plan, a key aim of which is to reduce the impact of University related traffic on the environment and local community.

    Car travel by staff to and from the University produces very significant levels of CO2 and the new charging system is one of a number of measures designed to raise awareness of sustainable travel and to encourage staff to adopt alternatives to single-occupancy car journeys.

    The future cost of car parking will be based on the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution produced by individual staff vehicles. Staff who own vehicles which produce low levels of CO2 will pay less for their annual permit than staff who drive vehicles that produce greater levels of CO2.

  • What are the new charges?

    Charges are based on the Driver Vehicle Agency (DVA) tax and CO2 emissions bands, as shown in the table below ( the vehicle tax cost is shown for information only) , which have been grouped into six categories. As before, the charge for part time staff will be half of the full time rate. Remember to calculate how the proposed changes will affect a second registered vehicle.

    University Permit Bands

    (Cars Registered between 1 March 2001

    and 31 March 2017)

    Vehicle Tax Cost CO2 g/km Car Parking Charges with effect from 1 November 2018
    Per Annum (£) Per Month (£)
    A £0 Up to 100 180 15
    B £20 / £30 101 - 120 348 29
    C £120 / £140 / £155 121 - 150 372 31
    D £195 / £230 / £250 151 - 185 396 33
    E £290 / £315 186 - 225 456 38
    F £540 / £555 226 and over 468 39
  • How do I know which charging category my car falls into?

    For cars registered after 1 March 2001, the CO2 g/km figure is shown on your Registration document (V5). This information can also be found on the DVLA web site and at (for information, car dealerships are now required to display, on or near vehicles, the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of all new car models).

  • What if I own a vehicle first registered before 1 March 2001?

    Following DVA practice, vehicles registered before 1 March 2001 will be banded as follows:

    Below 1,549cc: University Permit Band C

    At or above 1,549cc: University Permit Band E


  • How will the University calculate my car parking charge?

    The DVA will provide the University with the CO2 g/km details of all vehicles for which staff hold permits. Estates will then advise you of your parking charge prior to the annual permit renewal process in November 2011, based on current registered vehicles. Where staff currently transfer their permit between two or more vehicles, and where these fall into different bands, the charge will be based on the car with the higher emissions.

  • My car details on the Car Park Management System (CPMS) are wrong - how can I remove incorrect vehicle details?

    To remove incorrect vehicle details on the CPMS, the following steps should be taken:

    ·     Go to Queen's Online and click on "Parking Permits

    ·     After entering your staff number and password, proceed to the car parking homepage

    ·     Click on "Vehicles" to find  your list of registered vehicles

    Should you wish to remove an old/out-dated vehicle registration:

    ·     Click on the vehicle registration number you wish to remove

    ·     From this screen, please click on "Edit"

    ·     At this point you tick the box against "Sold or Disposed off", followed by "Update"

    By clicking "Update", this vehicle is now removed from the CPMS

  • How can I add new (updated) vehicle details to the CPMS?

    To add new or updated vehicle details to the CPMS, the following steps should be taken:

    ·     Go to Queen's Online and click on "Parking Permits"

    ·     After entering your staff number and password, proceed to the car parking homepage

    ·     Click on "Vehicles", followed by the sub-heading "Add Vehicle"

    ·     After populating all the fields, you should click on "Save"

    ·     By clicking "Save", your new vehicle details have been added to the CPMS


  • What is car parking revenue used for?

    As well as the management and maintenance of University car parks, income generated from parking charges is used to promote the objectives of the Travel Plan. This includes, in particular, the implementation of a range of initiatives to reduce dependence on car use by staff and students through the promotion of public transport, cycling and car sharing.

  • If I have two cars registered will I have to pay for two seperate permits based on my emissions?

    No, you will only have to pay for one permit based on the higher emitting vehicle.