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To assist with Visitor Parking, Estates have made some changes to the current booking process. After logging onto the Car Parking System, staff will now be presented with the following screen:

Staff should select the date their visitor is expected at the University and click the "Submit" button.

Next, staff will be presented with the screen below. This lists the range of visitor car parks and availability for the selected date. Times identified in "Red" are not available while timeslots in "Green" are available, and the number of spaces available is also indicitated. 

Staff should select the visiting start time and end time, enter the vehicle registration number, visitor name and the person being visited. Finally the "Request" button should be clicked. 

Staff should now click the "View Permit" button followed by the "PDF" button. Staff are responsible for delivering the permit to the visitor. This can be achieved either by printing the permit and handing it to the visitor prior to arrival or by emailing it to the visitor. This should also be done prior to arrival so that visitors may print the permit, which must be displayed on the vehicle for entry to the car park to be permitted.