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Special cleans or rechargeable works may be defined as cleaning tasks, which are not included within the overall Estates Cleaning Budget.

The Estates Helpdesk (ext 5152) is the contact for any cleaning request, which is additional to normal cleaning requirements.  Window cleaning, carpet cleaning, venetian blind cleaning, and cleaning outside of normal working hours are all additional to normal requirements and will be charged to the Department/Area requesting the work.

Additional rates are as follows:

Carpet cleaning - £1.50 per m2
Window cleaning - costed per job, depending on height and size of glazing, access etc (free estimate)
Venetian Blinds - standard window (180x180cm2), clean £9, repair £10
Out of hours cleaning - £12 per hour

Please give as much detail as possible when requesting any service:

  • Building
  • Room Number
  • Type of work to be carried out
  • Any time restraints or restrictions to carrying out the cleaning request
  • Department cost centre for rechargeable purposes

On completion of the work it will be inspected by the Cleaning Co-ordinator or Team Leader responsible for the area to determine that the work has been undertaken satisfactorily.