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Waste Management

A Sustainable Waste Management Strategy for the University has been developed. The main aims of the strategy are to:

  • Reduce the quantities of waste generated and maximise recycling of those materials which enter the waste stream
  • Ensure waste is managed with minimal impact on the environment and public health
  • Develop a controlled internal process for the collection and preparation of wastes to enhance recycling and reduce costs
  • Adopt and promote more sustainable practices of resource consumption and waste management
  • Provide staff and students with increased opportunity to contribute to environmental protection

An A - Z Guide to Waste and Recycling for the majority of waste streams generated within the University has been prepared. 

A - Z Guide to Waste & Recycling

WARPit: Our corporate E-bay/Freecycle network, called WARPit, allows staff to redistribute unwanted and underused assets within Queen’s. This avoids unnecessary purchases, saving money and reducing waste going to landfill. For more information or to register with WARPit please see here.