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Please dispose of batteries in the battery recycling tubes or battery recycling bobs located outside the Porter’s Offices or at Reception in the following buildings:
• Administration Building, Level 2
• Ashby Building
• Clinical Science A at the Royal Victoria Hospital
• David Keir Building (DKB)
• Elms Village
• Geography
• Health Sciences Building
• McClay Library
• Medical Biological Centre (MBC)
• Safety Services at 5A Lennoxvale
• Students Union
• Whitla Medical Building

Batteries which can be disposed of in these tubes include the smaller ‘household’/ consumer batteries such as non-chargeable (general purpose and button cells) and rechargeable (nickel cadmium, lithium ion and smaller lead acid).

If the battery disposal tube or bob requires emptying, please contact Environmental Services on

Larger industrial type batteries, such as lead acid car type batteries and nickel cadmium batteries used in emergency standby systems, should be disposed of by contacting your School/ Directorate’s Building Liaison Officer (BLO) with details of the batteries for disposal.  The BLO then places an online works request via CAFM (Planon) for internal collection by the Estates Directorate.

 For further information, please see below:

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