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The majority of cardboard has a high recycled content already. By recycling it we can ensure that virgin materials are not used.

FLAT-PACK ALL CARDBOARD BOXES and either leave out for collection in a designated area for the University’s Cleaning Staff or take to an external labelled cardboard bin.

Ensure all cardboard boxes are empty of their original contents.

If cardboard is thinner than cereal packet card it can go into the paper bin. If it is thicker please flatten and stack neatly at the designated cardboard collection point.

If you require a Cardboard Collection Point Poster, please click here.

Large amount of cardboard from deliveries?
If you produce a lot of cardboard from a delivery, please log a request to remove this flat-packed cardboard via CAFM (Planon) through your School/ Directorate's Building Liaison Officer (BLO).