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To participate in this initiative, please contact the Porter’s Office, 028 9097 3068 to request the delivery of waste paper recycling sacks and cable ties to your area.

Paper recycling sacks are collected as part of a weekly, Wednesday collection. Where a School/ Directorate have sacks ready for collection, the School/ Directorate Building Liaison Officer (BLO) should contact the Porter’s Office before lunch time on Tuesday to be added to the collection schedule. Where Schools/ Directorates have sacks for collection every week they can be permanently added to the schedule without having to ring up each week.

The Waste Contractor should collect all sacks by 4.15pm every Wednesday. If the sacks have not been collected by this time, contact Nicola Keown on 028 9097 1167 or
If your School/ Directorate is regularly on the schedule but has more bags than normal, ensure this is communicated (with an approximate number of bags) to the Porters to ensure these can be collected as normal. If the Contractor is not notified of a large additional clear out then it cannot be guaranteed that this will be completed.

Please ensure you request extra bags, at least one week in advance if you require more than normal.

It is each School/ Directorates responsibility to ensure bags of confidential paper waste are stored securely prior to being uplifted by the Waste Contractor.

The collected bags are transported in a locked van which has a vehicle tracking device, to a secure processing facility where its contents are shredded, baled and sent to paper mills for use in paper production.