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How to recycle printer cartridges and consumables

Top tip: Always reuse the bag and box that your replacement printer cartridge came in for packaging your cartridge to be recycled. 

For XEROX MFD consumable recycling:

Print a return label from the XEROX recycling service at Xerox Cartridge Return Label Request 

Return your print consumable (packaged and labelled) free of charge by post.

For laser & inkjet consumable recycling:

To order a used toner cartridge box (see below), order item No. 2008578 - LYRECO LASER CARTRIDGE RECYCLING BOX from Lyreco via Science Warehouse.

   Cartridge Toner Recycling Box

Once your box is full, order item No. 99997548 - RECYCLING BOX FOR USED LYRECO LASERCART from Lyreco via Science Warehouse the next time you are ordering some stationery and your full box will be collected by the delivery driver.