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Please click to the left to download the University's Personal Safety Pocket Guide, and the Home Office Student Survival Guide and Posters

 PERSONAL SAFETY - Public Transport and Taxis
 • Avoid isolated bus stops; walk to a stop that is well lit or less lonely
 • Carry a personal attack alarm in your hand or on your belt, not at the bottom of your handbag or brief case
 • On an empty bus, sit near the driver
 • If you use a taxi service regularly, keep the number handy and use the same firm each time
 • Always books taxis in advance; if you are a lone woman ask if they have any woman drivers
 • When arriving home, ask the driver if he will wait until you are in the house.
 PERSONAL SAFETY – While Driving Cars
 • Fit a reputable car alarm or immobiliser
 • Keep vehicle doors locked while travelling
 • Do not leave briefcases or handbags etc on the front passenger seat. Lock them in the boot or put them under your own seat
 • Consider carefully where you are parking your car with regard to adequate lighting and any visible signs of previous car crime e.g. piles of broken glass at the road side
 • Never leave any valuables in your vehicle, take them with you or lock them away in the boot.
 • Mark all your personal possessions with your home postcode and your house number, and ensure that all University property within your area of responsibility is properly security marked
 • Make a note of the security number of your mobile phone 
 • Try not to use your mobile phone in clear view when walking in public
 • Always lock laptop computers away overnight or when not in use
 • Avoid keeping large sums of money in offices - bank cash on a regular basis
 • Always lock office doors when you leave, even if you only intend being away for a short time.