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Staff and Student Environmental Programmes


Environmental Leadership Programme

Students have a key role to play in helping Queen's University reduce their environmental impact. By joining the Environmental Leadership Programme, Queen’s students can gain practical experience in environmental management and improve their employability prospects, all whilst playing a key role in helping the University achieve its low carbon vision.

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The Environmental Leadership Programme provides a structured environment where students can learn and develop new skills through a Degree Plus scheme and also contribute to achieving the University’s low carbon vision.

Through the programme students will learn and develop employability skills. This includes developing their knowledge and understanding of environmental issues, working within a team, and oral and written communication skills. Students will also develop their project management skills, as they create and develop a project of their own. They will be required to attend a number of workshops, one of which will develop auditing skills through training in environmental auditing. Auditing ability is a highly transferrable skill and plays a key role in many organisations. They will also help ‘Green at Queen’s’ run a number of campaigns including Recycle Week, Green Week and many other projects. This will enable the development of event marketing skills, including the use of various promotional strategies.

Staff and Students

Queen's Sustainability Award

The new engagement programme, Queen's Sustainability Award, aims to bring staff and students together to enact more strategic, deeper change at the departmental level, embedding good environmental practices across their activities.

Queen's Sustainability Award

Queen's University has been delivering the Green Impact programme as one mechanism to engage and encourage positive environmental behaviours here at Queen’s and embed good environmental practices.  

With more demand than ever from students to lead their institutions towards a sustainable future, and a huge number of engaged staff wanting to do more at a strategic level, has resulted in us moving away from Green Impact and launching our own programme. 

Queen's Sustainability Award will enable Schools and Directorates to develop a bespoke environmental action plan and address on a more strategic level the areas in which they can have greatest impact.  

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Queen's Sustainability Champions

Sustainability champions form a University-wide network of individuals who are leading positive change for sustainability in their own areas and in a range of ways. They support the work of the Environmental Sustainability Team by initiating activity in their own areas that makes a real difference on a local level.

Queen's Green Teams

Sustainability Champions

If you have an idea that might help to support sustainability in your area then becoming a sustainability champion might be a good way to help you put it into practice. If you are interested in meeting and learning from how others across the University are creating positive change in their own context, this network could offer a great way to keep in touch with others.

Take Action

If your department is starting their sustainability journey check out our top tips below on what you can do to green your space!

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