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Our Sustainability Plan

Our Sustainability Plan

A Net Zero future is Queen's University Belfast's main environmental goal, with the next stage of the QUB Carbon Strategy in progress.

Lanyon Building

The University Carbon Management Plan, which commenced in 2010, sets out the University strategic commitment to reduce carbon emissions across the institution, setting a carbon target of 21% by 2021. This target was achieved in 2017-2018 with a 22.71% reduction in emissions, an important achievement as part of the University's journey to become a net zero carbon organisation.

Over £10 million has been invested to date in over 80 energy efficiency projects and more than half of the electricity consumed by the University is now generated on site using low carbon technology. This has resulted in reducing our environmental impact, a substantial operational cost saving and provided opportunities and support for research and teaching.

Visit the Energy and Carbon Management page to learn more


Queen's University are currently developing the next stage of our carbon strategy - to achieve net zero emissions - which will be a key pillar in the University’s forthcoming Corporate Plan. Our Net Zero strategy will develop and evolve in the coming months with input from our Queen’s community and local stakeholders.

Queen's University has recently been funded £619,000 to help deliver a Net Zero future. Professor David Rooney is leading the project which is focused on creating and developing innovative solutions to meet the Net-Zero goal through the use of Zero-Carbon Co-operatives.

Strategy 2030

Strategy 2030 sets out Queen's University's ambition for the next 10 years to shape a better world through life-changing education and research across our disciplines, investing in our people, both students and staff, to ensure excellence and impact.

Since 1845, Queen’s University staff, students and alumni have made a difference to societies locally, nationally and internationally. Today, we are one of the UK and Ireland’s leading universities and continue to shape and serve the world around us through our research and teaching.

Strategy 2030 includes four strategic priorities:

  • Education and Skills
  • Research and Innovation
  • Global Reputation and Partnerships
  • Social and Civic Responsibility, and Economic Prosperity

These will be underpinned by four enablers:

  • Our People
  • Financial Sustainability
  • Infrastructure
  • Technology

Strategy 2030