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Staff Programmes and Initiatives

Staff Programmes and Initiatives

This page will keep you up to date on staff sustainability programmes, training courses and events.

Staff Sustainability Programme

Staff within Queen's University have been acting for biodiversity and the climate for several years, showcased by staff's commitment to Green Impact, which was supported throughout campus since 2008. As part of Queen's new net-zero strategy, bespoke tools and a Queen’s Sustainability Award will be launched this coming academic year, ensuring staff are part of Queen's University sustainability journey. To register your interest in the programme email


Queen's Sustainability Champions


Sustainability champions form a University-wide network of individuals who are leading positive change for sustainability in their own areas and in a range of ways. They support the work of the Environmental Sustainability Team by initiating activity in their own areas that makes a real difference on a local level.

Sustainability Champions

Are you passionate about sustainability and the environment? Have you got a range of ideas to improve sustainability in your area and throughout Queen's campus? If so, becoming a Sustainability Champion might be a good way to help you put it into practice!

This network provides you with the opportunity to shape sustainability programmes, initiatives and policies within Queen's, whilst offering you the opportunity to network with other Sustainability Champions.

Sustainability Champion FAQS

What is a Sustainability Champion?

Being a Sustainability Champion means being an advocate for good environmental practices within the University; and being passionate, interested and willing to learn about the environmental issues which are impacting at a local, national and global level.

You will be part of a network of volunteers who have a keen interest in doing their bit to help the University achieve its Net Zero aspirations and reduce the environmental impact of the University.

What will you be doing?

  • Be a point of first contact for staff on environmental issues.
  • Make staff in each area aware of University environmental initiatives.
  • Work with other champions to promote good environmental practice.
  • Identify and suggest opportunities for environmental improvement in their area and the wider University.
  • Participate in walkabouts with fellow champions and other members of staff to identify environmental improvement opportunities
  • Provide feedback from staff to the Sustainability Team on environmental initiatives/opportunities.
  • Provide feedback to other staff, managers and the Sustainability Team on progress in implementing environmental improvements in individual Schools/Directorates.
  • Liaise with other champions across the range of Schools/Directorates.

What support will you receive?

Sustainability Champions will receive the support, awareness, skills and tools you need to foster sustainability in your department. This will be via a number of different avenues:

  • Continual support from Queen’s Sustainability Team
  • Receive a monthly E-Zine highlighting initiatives, information and ideas
  • Attend sustainability-focused educational events and networking sessions
  • Develop skills through sustainability-related training sessions
  • Access funding opportunities

How do you Apply?

To apply please email

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